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Built On The Basics

Basic calisthenics have been used for thousands of years to develop strength and conditioning. When properly programmed, they constitute a complete system of physical development for athleticism, aesthetics, and vitality. 

My method of calisthenics draws from modern research in exercise science, as well my professional experience working with hundreds of clients over the last decade. I don’t teach people calisthenics tricks or how to perform gymnastics. Instead, I take a scientific approach that works to get clients leaner and more muscular, while improving their movement quality, work capacity, injury resistance, and general health. The result is a unique fitness method that yields incredible results in terms of transferability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Fundamental Principles 

  • Improve Your Body Composition- Being lean and muscular is the most transferable athletic quality and one of the easiest ways to build robust health.

  • Embrace The Power Of Volume- Build muscle, reduce body fat, improve work capacity, develop fatigue resistance, and enhance overall strength and conditioning by doing MORE work with less effort

  • Forget The Tricks- Basic calisthenics are superior choices for improving muscle mass due to their safety, large range of motion, scalability, accessibility, and ability to recruit large amounts of muscle

  • Improve Your Recovery- Harness the power of HIGH FREQUENCY coupled with intelligent exercise selection to reduce fatigue, so you can maximize your training volume

  • Get MORE Out Of Less- Prioritize technique and form to get the most stimulation out of every repetition while limiting your injury risk