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Squat Conditioning

  • 30Days
  • 8Steps


This short lecture will discuss how we can use the basic BW squat as a conditioning tool to build a pair of legs that are durable, fatigue resistant, capable of tolerating and clearing a high concentration of metabolites, capable of recovering quickly, resistant to muscle damage, able to maintain stability and control after prolonged use, and generally never be the bottleneck in your athletic performance or activities of daily living. I’m going to cover a variety of topics that should give you an understand of how to utilize this simple movement to build outstanding conditioning, including how to safely prepare for conditioning workouts, how to progress from modest to high volumes, how to perform basic BW squats for different conditioning goals, how to elevate the intensity of your squat workouts to drive higher levels of conditioning, and how you can integrate these ideas into the programming structure presented in core concepts and applications. I will be referring to core concepts and applications a few times throughout this lecture, so if you are unfamiliar with those videos, I would recommend giving those a view so you understand what I’m referring to.

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