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The Basics of Nutrition for Body Composition

  • 60Days
  • 9Steps


This 37 minute lecture covers the fundamentals of nutrition pertaining to body composition. It explains the role of three key nutritional variables and explores how they can be structured to facilitate weight gain, or weight loss, depending on one’s goals. It’s a simple approach, but one supported by the scientific literature and considerate of real world challenges not addressed by traditional approaches. Personally, it guided my weight gain efforts, my weight loss success, and is the method I use to maintain my body composition. Professionally, it has been the primary method I’ve used to help hundreds of clients achieve their body composition goals. This course will cover the following…. - Fundamentals of energy balance - Problems with traditional calorie counting - The variables impacting calorie intake in free living conditions - Manipulating the variables for weight gain or weight loss - Implementation strategies - Body composition maintenance Note- This course does NOT provide a meal plan, specific diet, any "secrets" or magic, or any instructions regarding what to eat. It explains FUNDAMENTAL concepts and strategies to structure ANY diet in a way to meet body composition goals. It is also not a course covering nutritional biochemistry, nutrient requirements, nutrition for longevity, or nutrition for treating disease.

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